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6U 9U 12U 22U 32U 42U Server Rack Standard 19" Rackmount, Wallmountable, SPCC High Quality and Thick Cold Rolled Steel with Tempered Glass

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Some electronic equipment modules such as data processing centers, professional audio/video equipment, those used in telecommunications, and a wide variety of applications, require a lot of space due to the amount of parts and pieces that they comprise.

Server racks offer an excellent solution when it comes to find an optimal distribution, space saving and efficiency. A server rack is a structure consisting of vertical columns and horizontal shelves that form a frame. This frame works as a special support for different kinds of computerized systems with special requirements.

Server racks come in various types and dimensions, depending on the specific needs and the sizing of the equipment that will be mounted on it. In a particular way, the height of the rack needs to be considered, since it indicates the amount of spaces that can be occupied by the equipment.

Server racks have their own measuring unit, which is associated to the height of the device that will be installed. Usually the letter U is used to differentiate the size of a server rack.

We have various size of server racks with solid quanlity: 6U, 9U, 12U, 22U, 32U, 42U, Patch Panel and Rack PDU. Delivery to the ground or lift accessible level for 32U and 42U is included. And we guarantee our server rack is the best price in Singapore!